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A Guide to Cloud Migration Services



Whether you’re an IT professional, know enough to get by, or can’t work out how to change your screensaver, you must surely have heard of cloud services. However, knowledge on how the cloud works, its key benefits and ways in which it transforms daily business operations can vary greatly. 

So, the question is, what is cloud migration and what are the benefits? In this blog, we’re here to explain everything in clear, no-nonsense terms.

What is Cloud Migration?

Put simply, cloud services allow everything you access on your computer – such as servers, your businesses office 365 files and even personalised settings – to be hosted remotely. This comes with multiple advantages, which is why the majority of companies large and small make the most of this incredible technology and move to the cloud.

The Benefits of Cloud Migration

If you migrate to the cloud, you’ll experience a whole host of benefits dependant on what cloud services you migrate. As with anything, there are plenty of cloud migration considerations to think about before making the move. We’ll cover some of the main pros here;


With everything hosted in the cloud, you can access files and programmes from any device, anywhere in the world. Whether you’re in the staff room, at home, visiting a client’s offices, on the move or abroad, you can do business whenever you desire. 

Data migrations optimises time and increases productivity, even giving you the option to turn your otherwise uneventful commute into an efficient extension of the working day. 

So if you decide to do a little work when inspiration strikes at 2am, you can still access everything you need from any device that’s connected to the internet. This links in with database cloud migration which allows for files to be accessed over the cloud.


Cloud migration cyber security

One of the key considerations for cloud migration is the security it can provide. Our data centre is designed to keep you in business. Completely reliable, robust and responsive, its purpose is to protect your data, ensuring obtainability at all times whilst blocking unauthorised parties. 

This digital storage hub is manned by highly experienced specialists and fitted with state-of-the-art fire suppression and emergency power systems. It also comes with a round-the-clock technical support team, answering queries and solving problems as soon as they arise.


Environmental impact

With data hosted in the cloud rather than on site, your computers and machinery can run far more quickly and smoothly. Faster operations result in a better use of electricity, as downtime and delays are removed from the equation and your hardware doesn’t have to struggle to achieve its task. Minimised power consumption benefits both your utility bills and the environment, so you’ll be lowering overheads and reducing carbon footprint simultaneously.


Disaster recovery

In the event of calamity at your premises, such as fire, flood or criminal damage, you can still access your business data from other devices, including laptops, smartphones, and hardware at home. This benefits all types of organisations, but for small businesses in particular it provides peace of mind that could otherwise be impossible due to budget constraints.


Automatic software updates

With the cloud, you don’t have to worry about updating your software and security systems. Everything is sorted at our end, so you can rest assured that every member of staff is working with the latest version.


Document control

When multiple team members need to collaborate and provide input on the same file, it often means countless emails back and forth, resulting in conflicting file content, frustration, confusion, and hours of wasted time. With centrally stored data, everyone works on the same file concurrently, thereby dramatically improving collaboration and communication.


Ready to move your business into the cloud?

At Intrasource, we offer our customers tailored hosted services to suit a spectrum of requirements and budgets, from minor or isolated implementation, to comprehensive rollout across all departments and workstations.

We can provide a cloud migration strategy that covers everything from hosted desktops, remote working, online backups and servers to advanced backup and Office 365 licenses. Simply get in touch, and we can provide a cloud migration cost estimate, on 01482 628800 or use our contact form and we’ll help your business to streamline operations and get better results right away.


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