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Hosted Desktops Prevent Disruption to Workflow



More than ever before, the last few months have demonstrated the importance of having hosted desktops in place across your business. Whilst companies that already offered a suitable platform for home working will have seen minimal disruption, those who were unprepared have had to improvise, potentially causing confusion, inconsistency and security issues.

Intrasource is a leading provider of hosted desktops for businesses of all sizes, enabling every member of staff to work remotely as easily as they can in the office. Though we’re slowly coming out of lockdown, you could find yourself facing this kind of situation again for a number of reasons, ranging from social distancing to flood, fire or criminal damage at your work premises. With this in mind, putting in place a virtual desktop system will future-proof your business and bring a range of additional benefits.


Work from anywhere

When a member of staff accesses their hosted desktop, they’re immediately welcomed by their familiar desktop experience. All of the usual software, folders and files are where they should be, as well as shortcuts, personalised settings and even their desktop wallpaper. The result is an incredibly smooth transition to remote working, whether it’s a long-term arrangement or just as and when required.

This means that everyone can work normally from any device without the slightest disruption to productivity, whether that’s at work, at home, whilst visiting a client or even out and about. Say goodbye to unnecessary emails and phone calls asking for  the most up to date documents, as hosted desktops make them available wherever you go.


Put a stop to cybercrime

According to the government’s latest Cyber Security Breaches Survey, 46% of businesses have reported cybersecurity breaches or attacks in the last twelve months. This also applies to charities, with 26% falling victim to hackers and malware that damaged their operations. Whilst this applies to even the smallest organisations, the figure rises according to the size of the workforce – a whopping 68% of medium-sized companies and 75% of large businesses have been attacked online over the last year due to insufficient security measures.

Virtual desktops are just as much about protection as they are convenience. When all of your staff are working on a system hosted by Intrasource, you know that your data is safely stored in a robust UK data centre that’s monitored 24/7 and fitted with the most effective anti-malware software. The result is total security for every piece of data, regardless of where and how your employees access it.


Authorisation required

When a member of staff leaves the company, you need to know that their authorisation rights have been removed with immediate effect. This may sound obvious, yet so many companies fail to effectively manage user authorisation and risk their data being viewed, edited or shared after the individual has left their payroll. The same applies when someone changes roles, as they will most likely need to be given new rights according to their daily responsibilities.

Hosted desktops make this process incredibly easy. When an employee leaves, gets promoted or switches departments, their admin rights can be changed accordingly right away. Say goodbye to unnecessary delays and costly security risks.


Find out more

We’re dedicated to helping companies run smoothly and efficiently, removing a range of negative factors that disrupt workflow and slow down your operations. To find out more, call Intrasource on 01482 628800 or use our contact form and we’ll provide tailored advice on how our cloud solutions will benefit your business.

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