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How a Cloud Phone System Will Benefit Your Business



No matter how digital the nature of your business becomes, telephony will always remain a crucial component of clear communication. However, even the humble phone has been given a significant upgrade in recent years through the development of cloud phone systems, which benefit businesses of all shapes and sizes in multiple ways.



Enhance your productivity

Maintaining and continuously improving levels of productivity and efficiency is what enables a business to grow, diversify and outperform its competitors. By integrating cloud phone technology across your company, you’re investing in a system that facilitates workflow for every member of staff.

Cloud phone systems can be used via traditional desk phones, smartphones, and softphone platforms that allow calls to be made via a desktop computer. This flexibility means that staff can communicate from the office, a client’s premises, when working from home, whilst attending industry events and even on the move. The result is optimised productivity without any risks to security and privacy.

Cloud phones come with a range of features

Another excellent reason to install a cloud phone system is the range of features it offers to your business. An excellent example is Mitel MiCloud Connect, which includes VoIP call control, instant messaging, audio and web conferencing, video calls and online meetings.

By equipping your employees with an all-in-one communications system, they can carry out everything from quick one-to-ones to large conference calls with ease.


Scale up (or down) as needed

Many businesses don’t properly look into cloud phones because they believe the cost will be too great and negatively affect their cash flow. This couldn’t be further from the truth, as cloud phone systems can be scaled up or down as required, making them extremely cost-effective.

For instance, if you take on new staff, Intrasource can instantly supply additional hardware to help them hit the ground running. Likewise, if your workforce reduces for any reason, we can decommission superfluous devices and accounts, ensuring that you’re only paying for what you need.


Ramp up your customer service

If you’re serious about offering your customers an amazing experience, cloud phone systems are definitely in your best interests. Thanks to them being so versatile, reliable, accessible and secure, you’ll benefit from unparalleled uptime through a service you can trust.

Forget about bad weather affecting the quality of the line and a poor connection causing confusion, as cloud phone systems from Intrasource are designed for crystal clear calls no matter where your staff and clients are based.


Cloud phones integrate with your CRM

Many cloud phone systems can also be connected to CRM platforms. Mitel MiCloud Connect is particularly effective, as it can integrate with systems such as Salesforce, Act! and Microsoft Dynamics for marketing automation, customer relationship management and sales monitoring.

With the ability to access key data such as a customer’s sales history through the desktop interface and smartphone app, you’re giving your staff everything they need to generate leads and turn enquiries into sales.


Find out more

To find out more about how cloud phone systems will help your business to grow, call Intrasource today on 01482 628800 or fill in our contact form.

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