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How to Utilise Cloud Technology for Home Working



As working from home becomes the norm for many people, there’s never been a better time to take advantage of the wide-ranging features that cloud technology has to offer. Even when staff return to their usual working environments, the use of virtual systems across your business will open up new ways of managing workflow and increasing productivity. We’ve put together a few benefits that cloud services will deliver to your business on a daily basis.

Reliable Virtual Desktops

The growth of virtual desktops, also called hosted desktops, has enabled companies of all shapes and sizes to work more efficiently from anywhere in the world. Whether team members are putting in extra hours or simply working remotely, each of them will have access to their personal desktops 24 hours a day.
The beauty of a virtual desktop is that all of a user’s files, folders, software and shortcuts are in the usual place no matter where they access them, such as at home, at a client’s offices or even whilst on the move. The result is zero disruption caused by employees having to familiarise themselves with a new operating system or setup – providing they have a reliable internet connection, their desktop is ready and waiting for them wherever they go.
Meanwhile, regular software and system updates are installed automatically and simultaneously for all staff. This gives additional peace of mind, as out of date software on even a single device can cause compatibility issues and compromise the security of company data.
Plus, when everyone’s back in the office, there’s the option to replace old hardware with thin clients. These machines are fast, dependable and greatly reduce energy consumption, which also has a positive impact on your carbon footprint in the process.

Flexible Hosted Services

The cloud is constantly evolving and bringing new methods for applying it to your business. Alongside hosted desktops, we can provide a range of hosted services that will help your staff to work faster and more efficiently from any location. We can also provide you with Office 365 licenses for as many employees as required, which can be customised to exact needs so that you don’t pay for packages that you don’t need.
A key feature that makes hosted services so popular with companies large and small is their excellent level of digital security. Our data centre has been specifically designed to keep your files and systems accessible to staff whilst protected against hackers, malware and other unauthorised parties. Whilst ensuring top security around the clock, we can also quickly add and remove users according to changing roles, guaranteeing that data is only accessible to authorised personnel. So even if employees are working from home on their own devices and internet connections, you can rest assured that your company data is safe and secure at all times.

Online backup services

It can be very easy for files to be accidentally written over, misplaced or even deleted, especially when there are multiple people who have access to them. With cloud technology supplied by Intrasource, you no longer have to worry about data being lost, stolen or corrupted due to out of date software.
On top of this, in the event of an incident at your premises or an employee’s home, such as a flood, fire, a break in, accidental damage or anything that renders equipment inoperable, we can retrieve your files from our data centre immediately. There’s even the option to have files physically delivered to you in just a few hours, making online backup services an affordable investment that could one day save your company from catastrophe.

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By adopting cloud technology and hosted services across your business, you give staff the ability to work from anywhere they wish whilst ensuring that all data is protected against corruption, loss and theft. To find out more, call Intrasource on 01482 628800 or use our contact form and let us know how we can help.

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