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Mobile Connectivity in the Modern Workforce



The way business operates in the modern world means that mobile communication and reliable connectivity is absolutely crucial to staying ahead of the competition. Enabling your staff to work efficiently whilst on the move is an essential part of an effective modern workforce. Mobility is here to stay!

These days we are all under more pressure to respond instantly to customers, to have instant access to information and updates, and to respond in real-time to report requests from management. You need to equip your teams with the right tools for the job.

One of the ways in which successful companies continue to thrive is to attract outstanding young talent into the business. Young talent expects and demands the most effective, up to date, modern and exciting technology, and they expect it to work. If you don’t offer them this as a minimum they will likely disengage and seek different opportunities that they find more exciting.

As part of this the modern workforce expects to be able to perform many work-related tasks on their mobile device, whether it be a smartphone or a tablet. And to do this they require the very best, fastest and most reliable internet connectivity.

Intrasource has partnered with EE because they operate the UK’s big§gest and fastest mobile network and has 4G coverage reaching more than 75% of the UK’s geography and 99% of the population. EE has always been at the forefront of digital communication innovation and they are currently spending £1.5 million every day to continually develop their networks, make advancements in technology and increase speed, reliability and call quality.

Check out our mobile communications page for all the reason’s you should choose EE for your business mobile communications

In this fast-paced world there’s nothing more frustrating than a slow or unreliable data connection, don’t hold back your business by settling for anything less than EE and making sure your mobile systems are cost effective.

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