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NEC & Intrasource are empowering the smart enterprise



Competitive businesses come in all shapes and sizes but usually have one thing in common, great teamwork!

In the age of increasingly disparate working locations for employees, communications play a crucial part.

The truly smart enterprise is one that recognises the changes in the modern business landscape and embraces them…uses them to gain a competitive edge, giving employees the tools to be more effective no matter what time of day or where they are, and providing their customers with an experience that is satisfying, enjoyable and makes them come back.

As an employee, where would you rather work? Where would you be more engaged and productive? At a company with outdated technology, where finding what you need is a slow process, involving opening lots of different applications and windows, where there is no integration between the programs you need, where communication systems are basic, where team meetings involve everyone having to take time out to travel to one location, where decisions take an age, where lack of effective communication constantly hampers progress and causes stress…etc?

Or would you rather work at a smart enterprise where technology is modern and agile, where information is freely and quickly available through effective integration of applications, where collaboration and meetings can happen instantly at the touch of a button across multiple remote locations, where decision making is rapid because information and collaboration is easy, where communication systems and IT systems work seamlessly together to create modern, creative working environments for the modern, creative workforce?

This is surely a rhetorical question?

So how do you become a smart enterprise?

NEC work tirelessly to continually evolve their technology and apply it to their communications products. Their range of business phone systems are fully equipped with unified communications features, integrate most leading business applications and can be set up as a bespoke solution to many vertical markets.

Intrasource and NEC work alongside each other to develop solutions for businesses and to assure that installations and integrations of IT, communications and business software and applications are smooth.

Advanced features such as CRM integration and screen popping, call recording, video and audio conferencing, screen and file sharing, whiteboarding, comprehensive call centre functionality, marketing/music on hold, advanced operator tools, intelligent call handling and routing, sophisticated reporting and management tools, mobility, dect technology, safety features, soft phone functionality, toll fraud protection…the list goes on and on…all mean that there is an intelligent NEC solution for any type and size of business.

Businesses that fail to embrace new technology and update IT and communications infrastructure will rapidly lose their competitive edge. The most talented members of the global workforce will naturally seek out environments that match their ambition and creativity, and customers will be attracted to businesses that give them the best experience.

If you have any hope of surviving in the modern world you need to make the right investment in technology for your business and become a smart enterprise.

For more information about how Intrasource and NEC can help you do this, contact Intrasource at

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