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Take a moment to think about how many work files you personally require access to over the course of a year. Chances are they’re impossible to count, with documents, images, design masters, spreadsheets, emails and calendar appointments numbering in the hundreds, or more likely in the thousands. Now think about how many files your company as a whole must require: the sheer volume is mind boggling.

What would you do if you lost those files? It may be something that you’ve never really thought about, as it’s hardly the same as losing a set of keys or a stapler, yet data loss can happen at any time to anyone through theft, disaster, unintended deletion, accident or security breach. If this happens, your productivity and profit margins could be significantly impaired due to time wastage and financial impact, and there are too many examples of companies that have never quite recovered.

Online backups are the solution to this very real threat. In the event of data being lost due to virus, ransomware or hardware issues, you can recover it quickly and easily from our state-of-the-art Yorkshire-based data centre. This means that daily operations are barely set back at all, and if hardware has been damaged or stolen, staff can access files and applications remotely using other devices.

How it all works is actually very simple. Your data is saved in our primary data centre, which is secured to ISO27001 and HM Government IL5 standards, and protected with 256-bit AES encryption to ensure that it remains safe. It is then replicated to our secondary data centre as well as archived to tape, guaranteeing extra protection. Your data stays there for as long as required and additional data is added automatically, from emails and images to Office documents and Photoshop files. This means that even in the worst-case scenario, you can quickly access all of your data and business can continue as usual.

As well as peace of mind and exceptional security, online backup can also save your company time and money. Rather than backing up documents on CDs, memory sticks, external hard drives and other equipment, everything is saved in our datacentre, which also means that your company doesn’t need to use unnecessary power on a dedicated backup server. In turn, this will improve your energy efficiency and lower your carbon footprint, helping you to become a greener organisation through cloud technology.

Ready to backup your business? Get in touch today and we’ll talk you through the best package to suit your individual requirements. Or if you need more information, learn how to choose your cloud provider and how to get the most out of cloud services here.

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