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The Benefits of Microsoft 365



Microsoft 365 (previously called Office 365) is a fantastic resource that all types of businesses can benefit from every single day. Thanks to ongoing improvements and new additions, the suite has never been more versatile and we guarantee that it will enable your business to increase its levels of productivity and precision.


The full Office experience

A Microsoft 365 license gives you and your employees access to all of the applications required by modern businesses, including Word, Excel, Outlook and PowerPoint. Whenever you need to create and share documents, spreadsheets, emails and presentations, Microsoft 365 has you covered.


Microsoft Teams is included

The coronavirus pandemic accelerated the need for fast, reliable and easy-to-use digital communication platforms. As well as facilitating remote working and hybrid working arrangements, Microsoft Teams is incredibly useful in the workplace thanks to it offering a chat feature, videoconferencing tools, file storage, and integration with the wider Microsoft 365 suite as well as many third party apps.


Do more with OneDrive

You also receive OneDrive as part of your Microsoft 365 subscription, which is the leading cloud storage solution for businesses. This handy tool allows you to safely store images, documents and other files in Microsoft’s highly secure cloud, giving your staff access to everything they need no matter where they’re based.


Run a paperless office

If you’re looking to maximise efficiency and reduce your company’s carbon footprint in the process, you’ll be pleased to hear that Microsoft 365 is designed to eliminate as much paperwork as possible.

Whilst SharePoint is a document management and storage system that keeps everyone on the same page without the risk of duplicated or inconsistent files, Microsoft Forms is a great way to run online surveys for anything from employee input to customer feedback, which can then be easily exported to Excel.


Outstanding digital security

As you’d expect from one of the world’s most reputable software developers, Microsoft 365 is protected against everything from hackers and phishing scams to malware, ransomware and GDPR breaches. Meanwhile, the entire system updates automatically across your workforce, so you can say goodbye to incompatibility and compliance issues that arise from staff working on different versions of software.


Maximise productivity

Intelligent cloud services and collaborative platforms are specifically developed with efficiency and collaboration at their core. This benefits everyday tasks and larger projects alike, as the system is optimised for productivity across the board. When all of your staff are using Microsoft 365, you can rest assured that productivity will increase thanks to them having everything they require to get more done in less time.


Business continuity

As mentioned, Microsoft 365 is hosted in a secure cloud. Aside from giving your staff greater freedom to work from anywhere (at home, from a client’s offices, whilst attending an industry event and even when on the move), this also greatly benefits business continuity.

Storing your files in a secure cloud means that if a disaster takes place at your workplace and physical devices are damaged, lost or stolen, you retain access to all of your files, emails and data. The result is continued operations even if the unthinkable occurs – is there any greater peace of mind?


Ask us about Microsoft 365

Intrasource can supply affordable and scalable Microsoft 365 licenses to suit the exact needs of your business and its people. To find out more, please fill in our contact form or call us on 01482 628800.

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