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The Email Laundry

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Email remains one of the most challenging entry points for organisations to defend against cybercrime as attackers shift and develop new techniques to evade defences. Our blog in June 2018 focussed on many of the ways in which email is vulnerable and targeted by criminals and individuals and groups acting with malicious intent.

We highlighted the importance of having a world-class email protection service and how we have placed our trust in The Email Laundry to protect your emails.

As a managed service IT support provider, it is absolutely vital that any 3rd party services or products we recommend to our clients do a brilliant job, at a reasonable price point. We stake our professional reputation every time we do it, so it needs to be right.

The Guys at The Email Laundry are doing it again. They never rest on their laurels, they constantly strive to develop ways to stay ahead of the threat landscape and the criminals, and in doing so increase the levels of protection they can give their customers, meaning we can provide that quality level of service for our clients.

The Email Laundry has released their Advanced Threat Protection service to further enhance their excellent products. ATP includes Virtual Matrix Detonation…..which is like sandboxing on steroids. When an email comes in that has attachments that are potentially problematic, the attachments and linked landing pages are detonated in a cross-matrix of systems, identifying never-before-seen exploits and malware in a very protected and safe environment.

The next stage of enhancement is the Advanced URL Defence which is extensive inspection and analysis of all links within email and the behaviour of their landing pages, including URLs embedded in password-protected attachments.

The Email Laundry already detects more Zero-Day Attacks than the rest of the security industry combined, and these developments catapult them even further ahead of the competition.

With CEO / impersonation fraud costing $5 billion globally and 91% of successful cyber-attacks starting with a phishing email it makes very good business sense to have a high-quality email protection service in place.

For more information about how The Email Laundry can protect your business contact us on 01482 628800 or

Find more information and IT security news here. Learn how to spot a fraudulent email here and get involved in safer internet day.

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