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The Importance of a multi-layered approach to IT Security




It is an indisputable fact that cyber security and the cost of cybercrime to individuals and businesses is growing at an almost incomprehensible rate. For example, global ransomware damage is set to exceed $5million in 2017 and that is 15 times the figure for 2015.

It is a worldwide problem that is only going to get worse.

Security experts around the world all agree that the best way to implement effective IT security is to have a ‘multi-layered’ approach. This is because the sheer volume of new threats and viruses emerging every single day means no one product can guarantee to be 100% effective against all of them.

But the headache for most of us is how to choose the right combination of security products to suit your IT set up.

The ideal would be to only spend what you need to spend to get the best protection you can. But with so many different vendors and products out there it can be easy to get the combination wrong and end up wasting money, time and effort and still end up being more vulnerable to threats than you should be.

The solution, in reality, is remarkably simple and cost effective. The first step is to talk to a reputable IT support / consultancy business such as Intrasource. They will examine your current system and make the correct recommendations based on your set up and your needs. And best of all they manage it all for you.

You need to be protected, with multi-layered security and you’ll want to be protected for as little cost, stress, disruption as possible.

We all operate so much of our business and personal lives through IT these days so it would be pretty foolish not to protect yourself and your business.

Get in touch with Intrasource to find out more about how easy and how cost effective it is to get the protection you deserve. You will be pleasantly surprised.

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