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What Are Managed IT Services?



As you search for IT consultants across the web you’ll come across plenty of jargon and a plethora of different terms for what seems to be the same product. However, there is in fact a significant difference between these terms and in this blog, we’ll cover what exactly ‘managed IT services’ are and why your business might need them.

Essentially, what differentiates managed IT services from regular services is just that, they are managed. This means rather than hiring an IT support company to complete one specific task for a one off case, you enter a contract with a company for a period of time and they will manage any or all aspects of your IT and network infrastructure for you.

This means they will be on hand to provide 24/7 support and complete various services for you during the duration of your contract. Therefore you can focus on running the business and they can focus on keeping your systems and networks performing properly.


Examples of when you may require a managed IT service

Scenario 1: Security Flaw

Your business is using an outdated web server software and a recent discovery of an exploit or system flaw with the software means your web server is at risk of malicious third parties.  Your managed IT service provider, after identifying this issue, would ensure the web server is safely updated to the latest version or install a new security patch to keep your business operating smoothly and avoid the potential hazard.

Scenario 2: Backup and Recovery

A new employee is working with some old files and accidentally causes some of them to corrupt or be deleted. Your managed IT services include backup and recovery, so your IT company quickly restores the corrupted and deleted files and creates a backup to ensure they can’t be lost again.


Related services

Within managed IT services, there are many different services generally available, these include;

  • 24/7 remote support - this is the ability to gain remote technical support to solve any urgent network or software issues at any time.
  • Business Server Support - a sluggish, corrupt or inaccessible server can wreak havoc on productivity, so this service will ensure that yours always does its job.
  • System and server monitoring - including vulnerability testing this is similar to the above but is more maintenance focused as well as fixing those more complicated server-side errors which may be left undetected otherwise.
  • Online backup - Whether it's highly confidential or accessed by all, each piece of data is crucial to your business. With this service, your chosen IT provider will back up your data to their security category data centre.




Managed IT services and support from Intrasource

At Intrasource, we offer high quality and complete managed IT solutions for business in Hull and the UK including all the services and support services mentioned above. No matter what size your company is we will be on hand to assist with your managed IT services.

See our full list of services here or contact us today via telephone at tel:01482628800 or email

Find more IT consultancy news and information here. If you need help understanding anything mentioned above, use our handy IT glossery here.

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