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What are The Benefits of Moving Your Telephony Into The Cloud



Alongside the development of other cloud technologies such as online data storage, there have been some significant advances in cloud communications in recent years. As more businesses move toward modern cloud-based telephone systems and VoIP, now is the time to move your current telephone solution into the cloud - here’s why.

What is Cloud Telephony

Cloud telephony, also known as hosted telephony, is a system of voice and data communication that makes use of the internet, rather than traditional phone line technologies. 

Similarly to cloud data storage, it removes the requirement for physical networking and infrastructure to be installed onsite and moves this instead to a monthly subscription utilising virtualised technology. Therefore there is no need for an advanced PBX (private branch exchange) onsite as this service is hosted entirely online through a vendor such as Mitel. 

This, of course, would bring plenty of significant benefits to your business beside the obvious reduction in capital outlay.

Telephony, Cloud Communications and Your Business

There’s a whole range of business benefits to moving your system into the cloud, here are some of our favourites;

  • Unrivalled scalability - as all communication is handled in the cloud, the hardware requirements are very low. There’s no need for phone lines or a complex array of wireless phone bases. Recently expanded your business and need more phones? Add some new mobile devices to your cloud network and you’re good to go with a true plug-and-play experience.
  • Ultimate flexibility - set up your devices to work exactly how you want them. If you run a multi-department business, you can setup menu systems to route calls directly to the right department. If an employee is out on a job, you can set up automatic forwarding of their office number to their mobile phone. Essentially, the possibilities are endless.
  • Modernise your business - in certain industries, employees are always on the move either completing offsite work or attending meetings and events. With cloud communication, your employees will be able to work off-site and still benefit from all the features they get in the office such as advanced call logging and recording. In effect the mobile phone becomes an extension of the business phone system. Read more about mobile connectivity in the workforce
  • Predictable and competitive pricing - you’ll save money on the initial setup of your system compared to a traditional solution as you won’t need phone lines installed, or require someone to manage your PBX infrastructure, no expensive maintenance contracts, and you’ll always be on the latest version. The connection process is quick and simple and you’ll only be charged for what you use so you’ll pay less in those quieter months.

You can find a longer list of benefits on Mitel’s blog here

Cloud Communications with Intrasource

At Intrasource, we offer high quality and complete IT solutions for business in Hull and across the UK including all the IT services and support services mentioned above. With our first-class mobile device management, you can modernise your business communications. No matter what size your company is we will be on hand to assist with your IT services.

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