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What does an IT Engineer Do?



We recently sat down with some of our managed IT Support team and asked them what a typical day is like in their role here at Intrasource. Read their answers below.

1st Line Support Engineer

My main jobs are to check through tickets that need to be actioned that day and order them by priority and due date. This ensures that we complete all of our jobs on time. I’ll also check any newly logged tickets that have been raised in order to assign them to the correct team. 

Any major incidents that occur during the day will at that time take priority in getting resolved, from troubleshooting possible networking issues, such as LAN or Wired connections, to server failures which in turn could cause site-wide downtime. This could result in one of our engineers attending site if the issue cannot be fixed remotely. 

Other jobs include anything from solving PC and laptop boot up issues, which would need troubleshooting to determine any software or hardware related issues, to general day to day support calls of password resets, account lockouts, account creations, email send or receive issues, email profile setups and service desk management. Other tasks could be relating to permission requests, amendments to security groups, network folders, email distribution groups and much more. 

2nd Line Technical Engineer

We have different levels of support with First Line taking most of the calls, leaving the Second Line to deal with the more complex cases. As a Second Line Engineer, we do get the overflow calls from First Line, so a vast knowledge of computers, in general, is a good skill to have. 

Generally, I’ll arrive at work and read through any emails that arrived overnight, before creating a plan of the jobs I need to complete throughout the day. I say plan in the loosest of terms as the “plan” could change at any minute depending on the urgency of calls that come in. It’s a very fast-paced environment which can be constantly changing, but you do get the odd quiet days as well.

 No two days are typically the same here at Intrasource. The workload depends on what happens throughout the day, with tasks varying between general IT support and our managed services. It could be an urgent case in which a client’s full network goes down, leaving staff unable to work, requiring an emergency engineer to investigate and work on getting the customer back online. However, it could also just be a simple case of a customer being unable to add a printer to their machine. The calls vary! 

A couple of routine checks we perform as a Second line Engineers are Server and Security checks. Ensure the CPU or RAM usage isn’t too high or the Disk space isn’t too low, which could all lead to problems. Another routine check is making sure the services and the system are running smoothly so as not to hinder the performance for the end-user. We aim for zero downtime with all of our IT support. 

3rd Line Senior Engineer

A typical day for myself involves lots of planning for future projects, allocation of tasks to team members and discussing and booking project work for customers. Generally speaking, from the desk of a 3rd Line Engineer, I would describe my typical day as ‘dynamic.’ 

For example, on a recent evening, we carried out our planned client project work, as usual. The main support team had finished for the day and I was heading back home after completing part of an Office 365 project.

Unexpectedly, our monitoring system prompted our pager system to notify the on-call team and senior staff. Even though it was 9:30 at night, I and other team members were suddenly working to resolve a full site outage. Initially trying to resolve the issue remotely, as the issue appeared to be with the Internet service provider (ISP). 

After discussing the issue with the ISP, it was deemed an engineer was required to attend site, so at 10:30 pm I found myself on the way down the M62. Arriving on site we performed several tests on the customer’s equipment and at this stage, we knew the fault was external to the building due to the main BT fibre being offline. 

Now armed with a cup of tea, we requested a BT engineer to attend the local exchange. We stayed on site until around 2 am. By 2:30 am the issue was resolved by BT and all systems were checked remotely to ensure the issue was resolved. In the world of IT, you have to expect the unexpected and plan ahead. 

IT Support from Intrasource

So, there you have it, a look into the life of our IT Support workers. As you can see here at Intrasource, our workers offer high quality and complete IT solutions tailored to your business in Hull and the UK. If you would like to find out more about our managed IT support services, then please contact us today to discuss your business requirements on 01482 628800 or email

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