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What is IT support?



When searching for an IT company to design, install and maintain your business’ systems and infrastructure, you’ll often come across the term ‘IT support.’ This is an all-encompassing term that covers a lot of different tasks and services and, in this blog, we’ll cover what exactly IT support is, and why you might need it. Sometimes, it is easy to get confused about what the differences are between IT Support and Managed IT Services, however, they are very different things.

Simply put, IT support mainly deals with problem-solving and maintenance. It’s for solving everyday issues with your IT solutions and ensuring that you stay up and running with little or no downtime. IT support also tends to be work carried out on existing systems, rather than the designing or installation of new systems; you can’t offer support to something that isn’t there yet.

Examples of IT support

Scenario 1

An issue with your system means you can no longer connect to the local network, making it impossible to access certain files within the office stored on a NAS device (Network Attached Storage.) Having an IT support company would mean a certified IT technician could remotely connect to your system and fix your problem within moments of the issue occurring. This means very little disruption and downtime as you would quickly regain access to your files to continue your work.

Scenario 2

Your business has a large CRM which it hosts on its own server. Staff use the CRM throughout the day to contact clients and manage their work flow. However, an issue on the server means staff can no longer access the customer relationship management software putting a halt on their work. IT support would allow a professional IT technician to quickly discover, diagnose and deliver a fix to the server ensuring minimal downtime. This means your staff can quickly regain access and continue their work.


Related services

Within IT support, there are a few different services generally available, these include;

  • 24/7 remote support - this is the ability to gain remote technical support to solve any urgent network or software issues at any time.
  • System and server monitoring - this is similar to the above but is more maintenance focused as well as fixing those more complicated server-side errors which may be left undetected otherwise.



IT Services & Support from Intrasource

At Intrasource, we offer high quality and complete IT solutions for business in Hull and the UK including all the services and support services mentioned above. No matter what size your company is we will be on hand to assist with your IT services.

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