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What is the difference between IT service and IT support?



As businesses grow their day to day reliance on IT increases, this means that their IT infrastructure needs to be quick, reliable and secure. Therefore many businesses seek a third-party provider to help oversee their IT systems. However, it is not always clear what they need.

Often you will see the terms ‘IT services’ and ‘IT support’. These are reasonably vague and all-encompassing terms that are often used synonymously when in fact they describe two significantly different things. In this blog, we will explain what the difference between ‘IT services’ and ‘IT Support’ is and how to correctly identify each of them.

To help us, we’ll take a look at the kinds of services included within each of the two sections. This will help to give you an understanding as to the key differences between them.

Examples of IT Services

‘IT services’ is a much broader term than ‘IT support’ and covers a much wider range of business services including;

  • IT system design - using a company's requirements to design IT systems and infrastructures tailored to fit their business requirements.
  • IT system installation - this involves setting up new systems and implementing new infrastructures and networks etc.
  • IT system security - completing audits and implementing security solutions to ensure the safe and secure running of existing IT solutions.

In general, IT services cover the design and installation of new services, solutions and systems, but generally do not include the upkeep and maintenance of said systems.

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Examples of IT Support

‘IT Support’ generally relates to the maintenance and upkeep of your existing systems and networks, these are often tailored to your business. These services could include;

  • 24/7 remote support - this is the ability to gain remote technical support to solve any urgent network or software issues at any time.
  • System and server monitoring - this is similar to the above but is more maintenance focused as well as fixing those more complicated server-side errors which may be left undetected otherwise.

In general, managed IT support covers the maintenance and upkeep of existing systems through remote support and monitoring services, giving you peace of mind that everything is up and running at all times.

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So, what is the main difference?

Using the example services from each category, we can develop two simple definitions that help differentiate these two seemingly synonymous terms from each other.

  • IT services are the designing, installation and implementation of new IT systems, servers, networks, cybersecurity etc.
  • IT support relates to the maintenance, monitoring and ongoing help for your current and existing systems.

And that’s it! This quick guide should help you easily identify for your business what the difference is between IT services and IT support. 

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