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Why and How You Should Protect Your Emails



We have put this blog together to highlight why a high-quality email protection and anti-spam service is essential in the current world.

I’m sure you will be aware of the continued rise in cyber crime and data theft.

Currently over 70% of successful cyber attacks still come into a network via email. Email can be the entry point for a wide range of malicious activity including virus attacks, ransomware/cryptolocker, data harvesting, key logging, phishing scams, impersonation and spoof email scams, financial scams such as Wannacrypt and payment diversion, and hacking designed simply to disrupt a business’s ability to operate.

From a business continuity perspective, having a service that is able to protect you to a high level from as many of the various threats listed is vital.

Add to that the need to document how you are protecting the personal and financial data of your customers and staff under the new General Data Protection Regulation, and the need becomes greater.

It is Intrasource’s professional and ethical responsibility and intention to ensure that we offer our clients the best available level of security at a sensible price.

With that in mind we have placed our trust in the Email Laundry for many reasons, and in doing so we are willing to stake our professional integrity on it.

Unlike traditional anti-spam services, The Email Laundry is a threat intelligence company, specialising in detecting new variants of ransomware and spear-phishing attacks before anyone else. In some cases, they’ve picked up new strains of malware 22 hours before the best known commercial AV engines.

They also partner with the EU on a cyber crime project – they basically allow them to monitor email traffic across a wide range of networks, particularly in Eastern Europe. This enables them to detect new threat patterns and to predict where the next attack will come from before it has been launched.

All of this intelligence goes into the email security service. Why is this important to know? They are the generator of this intelligence, and components of their service are used in other security products. It’s important for businesses to use a tier1 provider in this respect, and to know the difference between that and an anti-spam company that just white labels somebody else’s service.

Cyber attacks like phishing and ransomware are continually evolving, making it hard for cyber security services, that have to wait for new attacks to be deployed and discovered before they can block them, to keep up. The Email Laundry are much better equipped than most anti-spam services to get the intelligence early and protect businesses against new threats much sooner.

The Email Laundry makes use of machine learning, threat intelligence and content analysis to identify impersonation and spoof attacks (which are constantly evolving) before they reach a user’s mailbox. Such attacks are becoming increasingly common in financial fraud.  Attached is information on how they are well ahead of the game in dealing with such attacks.

Another area where The Email Laundry sets itself apart is its ability to scan links and attachments and links within attachments in emails. This enhances its ability to stop emails with malicious links getting to the users mail box. It protects your staff from potentially clicking a bad link and unleashing a virus into the network.

It also does outbound filtering which stops attacks going out from within your network.

There are many more very sophisticated elements of the service which help protect businesses. The service is very user friendly, easy to manage and the support from the company is excellent.

The link below is to peer reviews of the Email Laundry and you will see that it scores 5 out of 5 across the board with all positive reviews. It actually comes out ahead of Mimecast which is often considered a very premium product, and is very good, costing quite a bit more than The Email Laundry.

For an enterprise level Email Protection service The Email Laundry is priced at the lower end of the scale but offers a level of security and service that we would expect to be priced quite a bit higher.

Contact us today and start protecting your email.

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