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Why Are So Many Businesses Choosing Hosted Desktops?



IT infrastructures can cost businesses a fortune not only in terms of implementation, but also on a long-term basis due to maintenance, updates, repairs, replacements, and countless hours lost to sluggish and unresponsive systems. Add to that the salary of IT technicians on your payroll and you’re potentially looking at your company’s largest expense. That’s where hosted desktops are a genuine game-changer, as they can transform the way your employees go about their daily tasks.

Optimise daily operations

The problem with traditional computer equipment is that even if it doesn’t break, it needs replacing regularly. Depending on the size of your business, you could need dozens or even hundreds of desktop computers and laptops, all of which require periodic updates and maintenance in order to remain functional. But no matter how much you and your staff look after these machines, they’ll gradually lose their performance and eventually bite the dust. They also need a network structure that can cope with multiple users, which can prove extremely costly and difficult to manage.

When a business switches to hosted virtual desktops, it removes multiple problems in one fell swoop. With every employee’s desktop being remotely stored in our highly secure data centres, you never have to worry about inconsistencies that come with individually contained systems. We manage the software on your behalf to ensure that all of  your desktops are fully updated simultaneously, all while removing the risk of incompatibility errors, malware and unauthorised users.

Switch to thin clients

Hosted desktops also offer the opportunity to replace all of your existing computer hardware with thin clients. You could either do this right away or wait until your existing machines reach the end of their lifetime. Either way, thin clients are essentially a monitor, mouse and keyboard without all of the energy-consuming processing units.

They’re fast, reliable and use a lot less energy, making them a popular option with businesses that want to reduce their utility bills as well as do their bit for the environment.

Save time and money

Aside from the cost savings that come with highly efficient hosted desktop systems, we can help you to save money even further by removing the need for an on-site IT department. If an employee encounters a problem, our dedicated IT support service will get everything back to normal in no time at all.

In fact, choosing Intrasource means that you have a team of technical experts and engineers constantly monitoring your systems and nipping problems in the bud before they even affect your business. The result is significantly increased productivity levels across your company, all thanks to a hosted desktop system designed around quality, consistency, energy efficiency, security and speed.

It’s time to go virtual

Intrasource is a leading provider of high-quality hosted desktops and a variety of other cloud services. We’re passionate about helping companies across the UK to increase productivity and remove obstacles that prevent ongoing growth. To find out more, fill in our contact form or call us on 01482 628800 and let us know how we can help your business to reach peak performance.

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