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Why Does My Business Need Online Backup?



The reliable protection of data is integral to the smooth and effective running of a business. Ranging from customer records and payroll information to financial accounts, private correspondence and intellectual property, all of your data needs to be safeguarded against a variety of risks. 

That’s why it’s so surprising that many businesses don’t have an online backup system. When this is the case, all it would take to bring your business operations to a halt is a server breakdown, a cyber-attack, data corruption, or even something as simple as a mug of tea being spilt over a piece of hardware that contains unique information. 

With this in mind, below is some advice from the team here at Intrasource that explains why using our online backup solution is so beneficial. 


Is my business really at risk?

The short answer is yes, although we’ll do your question justice by offering some more detail. First of all, there are around one million new pieces of malware created every single day, which means countless online security threats are hovering around and prepared to strike at any given moment. 

These security risks are in the form of viruses, ransomware and other malicious software, plus there are also hordes of hackers looking for digital back doors that give them access to sensitive data. It’s easy to think that only very large businesses are targeted, yet it’s actually a case of SMEs, charities and even very small start-ups being preyed upon by both the opportunistic and the calculating alike. This is because the smaller or newer the business, the less likely it is to have powerful digital protection. 


Working from home

If your employees are still working from home entirely or just now and then as part of a hybrid working arrangement, you need to make sure that the data they’re creating, accessing and sharing remains protected. 

There are some solutions that make remote working much simpler and more secure, such as our virtual hosted desktops, but it’s still important to have a cloud backup system in order to maximise digital resilience. This also facilitates the rolling out of a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policy, which can significantly improve workflow.


Accidents happen

Cloud backup isn’t just for recovering your files and data in the event of a cyber-attack. In fact, the majority of data loss events occur due to hardware being innocently lost or damaged and no cloud backup system being available. 

It’s easy to think that you’ll never break a piece of hardware but accidents do happen. Then there are unfortunate circumstances such as fire, flood, criminal break-in, power outages, and even the simple matter of a piece of hardware being so old or overworked that it won’t turn back on again. If any of these ever happen within your business and there’s no online backup, you can say goodbye to any files and data stored on the affected devices.


Peace of mind 24/7

With so many opportunities for your data to fall victim to corruption, loss and theft, you really need to know that your business is protected by a trustworthy and capable online backup service. Once in place, the result is complete peace of mind that you can always retrieve your files even if disaster strikes, enabling business continuity with minimal disruption.


It's time to join the cloud

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