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5 Reasons Why Your Business Needs Mobile Device Management



The world is becoming increasingly mobile, with businesses of all shapes and sizes using devices such as laptops and smartphones to create a highly adaptable working environment. Whilst this allows a company to improve productivity across its premises and beyond, it also leads to entirely new administrative duties and security risks.

That’s where Mobile Device Management software (MDM) comes in, which is specifically designed to simplify the process and keep you in control of how each device is used by your employees.



Every business owner knows that time is money, so let’s start with how our high-quality MDM solution can shave countless hours of admin off your IT department’s schedule.

When a new device needs allocating to a member of staff, it can be done remotely in mere moments. The same applies to when someone leaves your company, as you can revoke their privileges immediately so that they no longer have access to sensitive data and applications. 

Mobile Security

At its core, MDM is security software that covers all of your company’s devices. Due to your tech running on the same platform, security patches and software updates are automatically installed across all devices simultaneously.

When an entire company is working on the same version of the software, security threats are significantly reduced and there’s no risk of viruses, malware or hackers getting in through a virtual back door that’s been forgotten about.

It’s crucial that all business owners and management teams remember that malware attacks don’t just happen to large corporations. In fact, according to the Ponemon Institute, 58% of victims are small businesses and 92.4% of malware is delivered via email. By integrating MDM into your security measures, you’re protected against malicious activity that could otherwise immobilise your business.

Business Access Management

Chances are that different employees need to use particular applications based on their responsibilities and level of authority. With MDM, you can easily control and regulate role-based access rights, as well as disable or remove a specific application if it’s no longer required by the business or replaced by another. 

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

Bring Your Own Device, or BYOD, is an invaluable resource that can save you enormous costs, as employees use their own devices rather than the business having to supply them. However, many organisations are wary of BYOD due to the potential security risks, as company data is essentially taken off-site on a daily basis.

By combining MDM with BYOD, you not only offer employees the opportunity to use their own devices, you’ll also create a security policy that’s GDPR compliant in the process. If a device is lost or stolen, you can instantly disable company applications and data stored on it, therefore preventing unauthorised access. 

Peace of mind

By incorporating MDM into your business, you’ll instantly benefit from a highly flexible way of working that’s simultaneously protected against all forms of security threat. Meanwhile, our offering comes with an impressive range of sophisticated features thanks to our partnership with SOTI MobiControl, including rapid deployment, advanced content management and the ability to apply GeoFencing, which restricts the geographical area in which devices can be accessed.

This fusion of adaptability with first-rate security is enabling businesses from every sector to put modern practices into full effect, which benefits everything from productivity and data security, to customer relations and profit margins. 

Mobile Device Management from Intrasource

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