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Why Your Business Needs Online Backup Today



Every second that your data is stored on local hardware such as PCs, Macs, laptops and smartphones, you’re running the risk of losing everything you need to keep your business performing in the event of a disaster.

All it takes is for a device to become damaged, lost or otherwise inaccessible and any files stored within it will be unretrievable. Whether it’s a flood or fire at your work premises, a laptop or USB stick left on a train, a desktop computer suddenly refusing to turn on or a cup of tea spilt over a hard drive, it’s amazing how easy it is to lose business-critical data when you don’t have online backup in place.

Your business is at risk

If you don’t currently have reliable online backup, your business is at risk of losing everything it needs to carry out everyday tasks, deliver services and remain compliant. We are of course talking about your data, which is required in order for every department to function to full effect.

From sales and marketing to customer service, accounting, payroll, recruitment, governance and more, data is at the heart of everything your business carries out each day. If this information isn’t securely stored within a cloud backup facility, it could be wiped or blocked in an instant and your business operations will swiftly grind to a halt.


Protect your business against cyber-attacks

Here’s a scary snippet of information: there are around one million new pieces of malware created every single day and more than a billion in existence. These viruses don’t just pose a hazard to large companies, as SMEs, start-ups, educational organisations and charities are also prime targets. In fact, hackers particularly focus on small businesses due to the very fact that they’re small, which usually means that they lack sufficient protection.

Intrasource provides a wide range of affordable IT security solutions, including antivirus, encryption, firewalls and multifactor authentication. Whilst these systems prevent malware, ransomware, phishing scams and unauthorised access, online backup is an insurance policy that keeps your data available to your employees no matter what.


Facilitate hybrid working

As well as offering complete peace of mind in the event of an accident, disaster or cyber-attack, our online backup package also helps businesses to offer hybrid working arrangements to their employees.

The coronavirus pandemic has made remote working not only more popular, but also a means of enhancing efficiency and collaboration. With the ability to access files, emails and software securely from anywhere when combined with our virtual hosted desktops, online backup is an excellent way to create a strong hybrid working policy.

This also benefits your recruitment campaigns, as remote working means that the individual doesn’t necessarily have to be in the same city as your business. The result is being able to reach out to a much wider talent pool, attracting exceptional specialists who otherwise wouldn’t be able to work at your business due to geographical limitations.


It's time to join the cloud

Interested in finding out more about online backup and our wide range of cloud solutions? Fill in our contact form or call us on 01482 628800 and we’ll help you to upgrade your IT infrastructure.

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