Intrasource were approached by a car dealership group to look at a particular problem it was experiencing. The issue was causing them to lose a significant number of staff hours and therefore costing them a lot of money.

The company receives a lot of incoming enquiries that are submitted via contact forms from various websites and lead generating 3rd parties. The information arrives at the group in an email. The information that needed to be manually inputted into the company’s customer management system before they could use the data in a meaningful way and track the progress made with each potential customer.


Intrasource took the time to get to know the systems employed by the group, as well as the third-party referral systems and were able to create an Email Parsing system. 

Now when an enquiry comes in via a contact form from any of the various sources, the information automatically populates the relevant fields in the customer management system. The data can be used immediately in a meaningful way without spending lots of time manually inputting.

Why we chose Intrasource


The group have been able to work with the data to contact prospects much more quickly, converting more business whilst the leads are still fresh. They have been able to realise significant savings in time and money by not having to manually input data into the customer management system. The staff have been able to work much more efficiently and spend time on more meaningful tasks instead of the mundane repetitive data entry work.

This is a process that could work for many companies that receive incoming enquiries, whether populating fields in a CRM system or exporting data to a CSV file to drop into a spreadsheet, data can be collated quickly so your staff can work on it in a much more efficient way.