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Mitel MiCloud Connect

Here at Intrasource, we recognise the importance of effective communication. Cloud communications can help them be more productive and that is why we have chosen to partner with Mitel.

Cloud Communications

Mitel MiCloud Connect is a cloud phone system which offers all-in-one unified communications and collaboration designed to help users be more productive from any business location.

Features of Mitel's cloud-based phone system include VoIP call control, instant messaging, audio and web conferencing, video calling and online meetings—all controlled via a desk phone or mobile app. Users get the full experience of your company’s communications system no matter where they are working, whether it be at home, in a coffee shop, in a hotel, or even at the airport. 

Because Mitel MiCloud Connect is delivered as a hosted cloud service, there are a host of business benefits, one being that the cost is much less than the price of a traditional onsite PBX system. The ongoing subscription model means your businesses communications costs become operational expenses, not capital expenses, and management of the service is easy through the MiCloud portal.

Mitel MiCloud Connect integrates with the leading customer relationship management and business process management systems, including Salesforce, ACT! and Microsoft Dynamics, helping your company improve its customer experience and better utilise its current investments. Need to know a customer’s history? It’s there at your fingertips through the MiCloud desktop interface or app. Help your employees make better customer decisions, faster.

Want to know more about Mitel, one of the leading cloud system phone providers, arrange a free demo or find out more by contacting us here, or calling 01482 628800.