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Mobile Device Management

Mobile Device Management software (MDM) is security software which allows for simple monitoring, security and overall management of employee devices within your business.

What is Mobile Device Management?

Mobile Device Management software (MDM) is security software which allows for simple monitoring, security and overall management of employee devices within your business.

The need to work fast, efficiently and with flexibility is key to the success of the modern-day business. This means business mobile devices, such as laptops and phones, are being used more and more often within businesses. Because of this,  MDM solutions are fast becoming a necessity rather than a ‘nice to have’ feature for business communications.

Cloud-Based Mobile Device Management Solutions

A quality MDM solution can increase the efficiency of your IT department. Previously tedious time-consuming jobs such as provisioning new devices, installing updates and patches, managing apps, or updating device security can now all be done remotely, in bulk, in a matter of minutes. Likewise, when someone leaves the organisation, access and privileges can be revoked instantly which has obvious security benefits.

With each employee accessing multiple devices at work, all connecting to your business network, the likelihood of security breaches becomes much higher. To reduce or remove this risk, a good corporate mobile device management solution will be required.

Our Mobile Device Management System

We have chosen to partner with SOTI to bring our clients the very best in Mobile Device Management. SOTI MobiControl has an impressive range of sophisticated features which have benefit to a long list of vertical markets.

Some of SOTI MobiControl’s MDM software key features include:

  • Multi-OS capable – secure and manage all of your mobile devices and intelligent IoT endpoints (Android, iOS, Linux, macOS and windows) from a single, integrated user interface.
  • Rapid Deployment and Provisioning – provision devices remotely using profiles and packages based on user role or geographic location.
  • Application Management – tight integrations with Apple VPP and Google Play delivers the right application to the right employee device quickly and securely.
  • Content Management – SOTI Hub and SOTI Surf containerise corporate files and web content.
  • Remote Support – Remote control/view devices on any HTML5-based web browser, including browsers on smartphones and tablets.
  • Device and Data Security – IT administrators prevent rogue applications and malware by controlling exactly what can and cannot be installed on a device.
  • Enterprise Integration – SAML integration with leading identity providers improves the device enrolment experience for end users and secures corporate credentials.
  • SOTI ONE Integration – create an incident ticket from within SOTI MobiControl and automatically link the device to the ticket in SOTI Assist, improving accuracy and speed of ticket creation.
  • GeoFencing – provides the ability to restrict the geographical area in which the device can be accessed or trigger a response from the device based on location, and also gives the ability to always know where your businesses devices are located. 

Mobile Device Management Best Practices

To achieve this flexible way of working, more and more companies are allowing employees to access the corporate network from their mobile devices. This inevitably presents some challenges for IT departments to manage, as they try to mitigate the threat to security from unmanaged and lost or stolen devices.

Policy enforcement is vital in protecting valuable business data, but it does require that a business has the right policies defined and should include access control, acceptable use, encryption and data management policies.

Not sure if your businesses can benefit from MDM? Then read our 5 Reasons Why Your Business Needs Mobile Device Management to find out more.

To find out more about how SOTI MobiControl can benefit your business contact us on 01482 628800 or email or see our other business mobile phone service and Mitel Micloud Connect solution.


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