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We’re here to undertake an expert assessment of your IT security measures

  • Antivirus for Business from ESET

    With over a million new viruses being released in to the wild every day, every device in every business needs world class protection. ESET deliver and we manage it all for you.

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  • Encryption for Business from ESET

    With ESET Encryption you can meet your data protection and security compliance obligations with a single package. ESET Endpoint Encryption is easy to use and gives you flexibility and security.

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  • Anti Spam Software for Emails

    The importance of having a world class Anti-Spam service cannot be over-stated. Email is still one of the most popular intrusion methods used by cybercriminals.

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  • Multi Factor Authentication Security

    Data is an integral part of modern business. Secure Authentication by ESET, utilising two-factor (2FA) authentication gives you a higher level of security especially when logging in remotely.

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  • Sonicwall Firewall & Support

    With hundreds of thousands of custom malware being created and released every day, the threat landscape changes hundreds of times every day. A world class multi-layered approach to security is essential.

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  • Vulnerability Scanning & Security Check

    AppCheck is a web application and external infrastructure vulnerability scanning tool that allows users to automate the discovery of security flaws within their network perimeter quicker, easier and more accurately.

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  • Email Encryption

    Sending sensitive data by email can be risky. A data breach can have dramatic negative consequences for your business. Here are 2 very secure End-to-End email encryption methods that will keep data safe.

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  • IT Security Audit & Report

    An Intrasource technician will log into your system and perform a range of soft checks to identify any potential and/or imminent security issues. A report will then be generated with remediation advice.

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No matter what the nature or size of your company, your data is crucial to your business.

We will make an expert assessment of your IT security measures, internal usage and external defences, turn it into a comprehensive and clear report, then offer guidance on which actions to take next.

We closely examine the management controls within your company’s IT infrastructure, ensuring that files and data are safeguarded against internal users as well as external trespassers. This maintains data integrity through official access rights and professional system usage, keeping your company safe to its very core.

IT security experts around the globe agree that the most effective way to keep IT systems and data safe is to adopt a multi-layered approached to IT security. We will work with you to design a multi-layered security model that best suits your needs.

We have expertise in security, encryption and authentication mechanisms to keep your network secure. We only work with world class products and we fully manage the security process for you.


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